Womens Major Havoc Screen Atari Shirt


Womens Major Havoc Screen Atari Shirt T-shirts


This womens Major Havoc shirt features a screen shot of the arcade game that consists of a number of smaller game experiences played in succession, including a fixed shooter, platformer, and a lunar lander sequence.

Long ago, the evil Vaxxian Empire overran the galaxy. Most of humanity was enslaved and abducted to the Vaxxian homeworld. A few humans, who were scientists, managed to escape. The small band of scientists who escaped managed to clone the great human hero Major Havoc, in order to fly his Catastrofighter through a wormhole in space, so that he may lead a clone army against the dreaded Vaxxian robots, and to liberate the remnants of humanity by destroying the enemy reactors. The player controls Major Havoc, the leader of this very band of clones.

Everyone will know you are a fan of the adventurous arcade game when you wear this Womens Major Havoc Screen Atari Shirt!

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Womens Major Havoc Screen Atari Shirt

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